Property Selection

Property Selection

KAIROS offers a strong portfolio of carefully selected property in North Cyprus which are also highly ranked by the official sector authority in the country and they all follow all their guidelines on building, construction and delivery. Our portfolio has a very wide choice of property including sea and mountainside, in and out of town, studios, apartments and penthouses and you may choose the property that fulfils your needs.

The most important thing for us when choosing our portfolio is that the developers are experienced and financially strong, as most of our projects are off plan. We have to make sure that the builder can continue the building until the very end and can also provide a good management service.

Secondly it is also important that all developers have their paperwork in order and that they do not promise to build something that they cannot deliver. Unfortunately, it is very common for developers to overpromise and underdeliver, therefore we have chosen to only work with the developers where we know it is the opposite.

The third thing we always look at is the quality of the builder. As most of our clients come from sophisticated European countries it is of high value for us to be able to deliver products that are of high standard. Buying in the Mediterranean is not like buying in your home country, but we do see a big difference in developer quality in North Cyprus. We have chosen to work closely with the developers who offer high quality and European standards with a future focused mindset.