TRNC North Cyprus Apartments, Houses, Land, Villas for Sale

Down payments starting from 35%, property for sale with interest-free payment plans up to 120 months!

Property For Sale North Cyprus

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Property Consultancy

We offer free property consultancy when selecting and buying a property in North Cyprus and we are always happy to help out.

Legal Advice

There are a lot of questions to be asked before you buy your first property in North Cyprus and we will guide you through the process.

Property Selection

We have a strong portfolio of carefully selected property in North Cyprus which follow all the guidelines made by the official construction union.

After Sales

In addition to our estate agency service, we can help you with all after sales services such as furnishings/interiors, rentals, banking and more.

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Start exploring the fascinating world of Northern Cyprus. Many activities await you on this 3-day tour, from the real estate sector to cultural experiences, from meeting local people to visiting historical and touristic places. While exploring the rich culture of Northern Cyprus, you will also access all information about real estate, accumulate unforgettable memories and have a unique experience.